I was awarded the following certificates:

  1. Tech to Teaching certificate in college teaching
  2.  Associate Level Certificate from the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning

Fall 2017

ECE4370- Antenna Engineering @ Georgia Tech 

I have participated in the Tech to Teaching program in which I taught 3 lectures on antenna engineering.


  • Notes on Arrays (click here to download)
  • Notes on Patch Antennas (click here to download)
  • Quick review on arrays (click here to download)

Student Feedback

Here are some of the feedback that I have received from the students in the class:

”  Great job teaching, looking forward to hearing from you again.”

” His enthusiasm was clear which made it way better to listen to than boring lectures”



Fall 2013

EE203- Electronics @ KFUPM

I was a lab instructor and I won the best lab instructor in the Electrical Engineering Department.